One Direction Cosmetics

When I heard about One Direction’s new line of cosmetics I thought two things:

1) wow, these boys have a good marketing team. Could they need ANY more money?

2) I bet it’s like them tiny pieces of bright, gaudy make up you got in a box for your 11th birthday.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love One Direction as much as the next 14 year old (I’m 22, and also extremely worried about my well-being when I go to see them next year after watching that Channel 4 documentary… getting anywhere near the front will be impossible), so wanted to give it a shot. Purely for research purposes… obviously.

The cosmetics range, launched at ‘pocket money’ prices, features lipsticks, lip glosses, cheek tints and nail varnish at no more that £2.50 per piece. The collaboration is with Superdrug brand MUA, whose selection is pretty cheap as it is. I’ve regularly picked up one of their powders or eyebrow pencils in a half hearted attempt to still be presentable enough to leave the house the week before payday, and have never had any qualms about what you get for as little as £1.

The Kats Paws decided to give the blusher a go, and I must say I was pretty impressed! 

Just to clarify, it’s no MAC, but it was easy to apply, was a good a colour and lasted longer than some more expensive blushers I’ve used in the past!

The creamy texture went on smoothly, with direction to give each cheek two wipes with the stick before blending with your fingers. I followed this order, because let’s face it, Harry Styles knows best, and ended up looking a cross between a clown and myself when I first discovered make-up. Which is not a good look. One swipe is definitely enough!

The other pieces in the Little Things collection embossed autographs and each shade was named after songs such as ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Rock Me’.

I do have one negative though- my chosen piece had ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ emblazed across it. Given the target audience this is aimed at, the younger generation don’t need prompting to believe they need to plaster themselves in make up to look up to scratch for when the dream comes true and one of 1D finally sweep them off their feet.

Also, let’s all just take a second to have a sing along. “Don’t need make-up, to cover up. Being the way that you are is enou-u-ughhhh.” Eh? Bit contradicting, guys!

All in all, I’m going to carry on wearing my One Direction blusher with pride. I’m glad we bought two and added an extra fiver to the boy’s already golden-lined pockets!



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