Graze Boxes

Getting post (which isn’t a bill, obviously) is one of those little things in life that excites me. Online shopping, letters from friends, birthday cards- I rip them open like a 5 year old on Christmas Day. So imagine getting four surprise food treats in a little brown box once a week… oh, it’s fun!

Graze boxes have really taken off in the last few years. I did initially think ‘Do I really want to spend £3.89 on four little boxes of nuts?!’, which I’m sure many people also think, but after my first (free) delivery, my answer was yes, yes I do!

With a huge variety of healthy snacks to chose from, there will definitely be something you like in every box. You get the opportunity to go through the entire menu online to ‘bin’ those things you know you won’t enjoy (for me, anything spicy. I don’t do spice!)

Personally, a favourite of mine is the popcorn. Healthy, at only 90 odd calories a packet, it’s that little mid afternoon sweetness you need whilst sitting at your desk.

This week, the box I received contained Salt and Vineger nuts, Summer Berry Compote, Cheddar Gorge and Summer Pudding.

The nuts are delicious, and although contain a higher amount of calories than the other snacks, they are incredibly filling, taking you through until lunch.

The Cheddar Gorge selection, featuring cheesey cashew nuts, herb crackers and salsa corn sticks are an interesting mix, but work lovely together.

The Summer Berry Compote, which came with wholemeal shortbread, was a delicious dessert-type snack, with just the right amount of tangy compote to compliment the shortbread.

Summer Pudding is another favourite of mine, with sponge pieces, blackcurrents, cranberries and yoghurt coated seeds, this is healthy, sweet and delicious at the same time.

 Graze boxes are a novelty, but if you’ve got a little bit of disposable income, they’re well worth getting. I look forward to Graze day week on week!

Visit to order your first box, unlocking your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free by using my ‘Friend Code’ EMILYP5VB




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